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Terms and Condition

Toothbudy is an offering in India which promotes dental wellness through bringing awareness among the people on the importance of oral health and its impact on quality of life. These products are not insurance products or insurance offerings. Toothbudy promotes preventive health and aims to make available oral health care at affordable cost by subsidising the treatment costs and offering free preventive oral health packages. The preferred provider network of Toothbudy includes third party dentists and dental practices of repute and having met the quality standards of Toothbudy and have agreed to perform the treatments at a particular cost and quality.

Toothbudy has Quality Audit committee that audits the dental practice in terms of quality of infrastructure, processes and treatment care. Toothbudy does not own any practices or is in direct financial beneficiary of any treatments undertaken. Toothbudy shall not be liable to any negligence or misconduct of the providers. Toothbudy on its best effort basis endeavors to ensure that the dentists engaged by Toothbudy are doing so for a societal cause and in case any unethical practice is suspected against the practitioner, Toothbudy disciplinary committee will de-empanel such a service provider from Toothbudy’s network.

Toothbudy allots the subscriber to a clinic without bias based on the preference of the subscriber. Toothbudy does not hold any reservations for or against any practitioner. It offers the service provider’s details to relevant members only on basis of the need and convenience of the member. Toothbudy reserves a right to de-enplanement of dentists in case they fail to adhere to the pricing norms or materially fail to carry out of any of their obligations. Toothbudy is entitled to use the data of the subscribers for any research or epidemiological purposes. Toothbudy appreciates feedback from its members (via feedback section and contact us section of this website) & ensures resolution to all fair requests and does not encourage use of any public media/forum with respect to any issues with the services offered to its members.