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Why join Dental Clinic

  • Toothbudy is the largest chain of dental clinics with a vision to provide dental care services directly or indirectly to every individual in need of dental treatment.
  • Toothbudy currently has a core team of over 550 accomplished and expert dentists.
  • Toothbudy follows high standards of quality and service and thus hires the best talent followed by detailed training and continuous education.
  • Training involves learning the latest dental techniques and keeping up to date with all innovations in dentistry with the help of a continual program of internal education and development.
  • As the fastest growing dental chain, professional development and upward growth in roles and responsibilities is encouraged promoting an upward career growth.
  • With a supportive and welcoming work environment, you can develop your existing skills while discovering new ones.

Dental Clinic

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You can also send your CV on enquiry@toothbudy.com