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School Plan : 3999INR / 15years coverage


Why to buy this plan?

During our whole lifetime we get two sets of teeth




A Child's permenant teeth starts erupting from age of 6 years. The shedding of the primary dentition (milk teeth) and simultanous replacement of succedaneous permenant dentition takes place till age of 14 years where in all permenant teeth are erupted.

At the age of max 14 years a child gets all permenant teeth in his mouth. During this eruption process a child faces two major problems.

  1. Cavities in permenant teeth
  2. Malagined teeth (crooked teeth).

Taking these problems into consideration we as dental care providers, provide you with a complete care of permenant teeth so that your child’s teeth and oral hygiene is well maintained.

Includes complete cashless coverage on following treatment till age of 14years.

Plan includes the following treatment Cashless.

  1. Complete coverage on dental braces after eruption of all permenant teeth Coverage of 60,000 INR And /or
  2. Complete coverage of permenant which includes follwong treatment.
  1. Free dental consultation whenever required.
  2. Unlimited Digital x ray of teeth
  3. Unlimited year scaling /cleaning of teeth
  4. Any permenant teeth with infection and requiring root canal treatment.
  5. Any permenant teeth requiring extractions.

Additional benefits.

  1. Annual dental checkup camps for students which includes complete checkup of teeth and oral cavity.
  2. Educational seminars spreading awareness about importance of good oral hygiene.
  3. Awarness about ill effects of tobacco on oral and general health

Terms and condition*

  1. All policy covers 1 member and 0 of the dependant.
  2. Policy is valid till the kid is 15 years of age.
  3. All permanent teeth requiring any of the dental treatment are included.
  4. Treatment of the primary teeth is not inclusive in the package.
  5. Policy includes dental braces treatment and /or permanent teeth treatment which ever applies first.
  6. To claim for dental braces treatment age of the patient should be 12yrs and above
  7. The terms and conditions of the offer can change at the discretion of the management.
  8. In case of any questions, please email customer care at toothbudy@gmail.com